Our four application program is the most comprehensive in our area.  Four applications are not mandatory.

4 application program (Organic fertilizer avail. For an additional charge)

1st TREATMENT (April/May) Aeration & Liming should be done at this point, highly recommended! Lime balances PH levels maximizing nutrient absorption.  Aerating promotes a deeper root making grass healthier with drought and traffic tolerance.
 A pre-emergent herbicide will be applied prior to weeds emerging.  The herbicide will prevent many grassy (crabgrass) and broadleaf weeds (Oxalis, Yellow Woodsorrel) from even germinating stopping them before they start.  The herbicide will be combined with a balanced fertilizer to promote strong turf growth. (additional charges apply for liming and aeration) PLEASE RESPOND BY APRIL 20TH FOR AERATION OR PRE-EMERGENT APPLICATION DUE TO SOIL TEMPS.   

 This is the famous “Dandelion” application.  This application consists of a quick knockdown broadleaf herbicide combined with a high quality slow release fertilizer.  This will have dandelions and many other broadleaf weeds withering within hours all while giving nourishment to your lawn.  The slow release fertilizer will slowly give off micronutrients for weeks.

3rd TREATMENT (July/August)  Mid-Summers here in the Northland get warm and dry.  Our cool season grasses have a hard time tolerating this type of weather.  Our summer fertilizer helps keep the grass strong and healthy to prevent damage to your lawn in combination with proper watering.  We also spray any later emerging weeds at this time.

4Th TREATMENT (September/October)
 This is the most important application for your lawn.  Grass plants are like hibernating bears in the winter, they need food to store up in order to survive.  We give the lawn a winterizing fertilizer that it quickly stores for energy in the spring.  Broadleaf herbicide is also applied to knockdown any weeds before they can reseed or go dormant for next year.
Other lawn services:                                 
Aeration(recommended) Lime(recommended) Insect control(fleas,ticks,chinch bugs, mosquitoes, etc.),    Bareground & much more          

                  $52.95/APPLICATION  Lawns Up to 5,000 sq ft