Don't Let Those Blood-Suckers Ruin Your Summer Fun

Don't Let Those Blood-Suckers Ruin Your Summer Fun

Ask our Duluth, MN team about mosquito treatments

Summer in Minnesota and Wisconsin means warm weather, longer days and - unfortunately - mosquitoes. But this year, you can take back your yard from those irritating pests. Twin Ports Pest & Lawn Management offers customized mosquito treatment services that are designed to reduce the pest population in your yard.

With the help of our pest control specialists in Duluth, MN, you could soon...

  • Enjoy grilling out without having blood-suckers swarming your guests
  • Wear shorts and short-sleeve shirts outside without being bitten
  • Sunbathe without drenching yourself in bug spray

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Looking for natural pest treatments?

Although synthetic mosquito repellents do actually work, many Duluth, MN area residents prefer using natural treatments like botanical oils. Depending on your scent tolerance level and personal preferences, we can apply natural mosquito repellent around your property to keep the insects away.

Reach out today to learn about your options.